Yamato-ya    (Since: 2002)

International Convenience Store for Japanese Food Stuffs & Fish,Meats,etc

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 2022 !!  

 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to your kind patronage throughout the year.

 Welcome to Yamato-ya International Convenience Store. 

                                                   (We have many variety of Groceries)

                                                          Updated:  05-Jan-2022


Business Hours:    (May change according to Covid-19 epidemic situation)

Delhi:              9:30 am~6:00 pm

Gurugram:      9:30 am~6:00 pm



New Arrivals: 

Tairiku Rice new crop 2021 Autumn( Suitable for Sushi preparation), Japanese curries, Tofu, Natto, Eel(Unagi), etc.


”Cold Water Brew Darjeeling Tea” is Available.

”Mattcha Tea” is Available.

    "Delicious Bites"  Frozen Japanese Type Sweets. 

   Masks on Sale:

 Japanese Sundries:

Room Slipper, Kitchen Items, Tissue Box,Masks etc                                                                             

We are happy to welcome you at Yamato-ya International Convenience Store.

We deal mainly Japanese Food stuffs and selected Fish and Meats including
imported items.Our motto is to provide Safe and Hygienic High Quality foods
in neat and clean atmosphere.
We wish you to maintain your best of health in your valuable Indian life.

Delhi Shop:

B-6/9, Local Commercial Complex,

Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-110029,

Tel:-011-41650164, E-mail:inyamatoya@yahoo.co.jp


Gurugram Shop:

Boom Plaza, 2F, 

Sector-57, Gurugram, Haryana. Tel: 0124-4238377


Holiday: Delhi Shop

1st & 2nd Jan (New Year), 26th Jan (Republic Day), Full Moon Day of March (Holi), 15th Aug (Independent Day), 

2nd Oct (Gandhi Jayanti), Diwali (Oct or Nov), 25th Dec (X'mas), 31th Dec (Year End) and Elections on Notice.


Holiday: Gurugram Shop

1st & 2nd Jan (New Year),  Full Moon Day of March (Holi),  Diwali (Oct or Nov), 25th Dec (X'mas),

31th Dec (Year End) and Elections on Notice.


We Deal:

On the every week end: We have home made ready to eat variety of Rolled Shushi and  breads and cakes..

And Also following Items:

1. Japanese Food
Miso(Soybean Paste), Shoyu(Soya Sauce), Cooking Oil,
Mayonnaise, Sauce, Baked Laver, Noodles(Soba and Udon), Instant Noodles, Canned
Foods, Dry Foods, Boil-in-the-Bag Foods, Japanese Rice, Snacks, Drinks, Dairy Products

2. Sundries
Plates, Kitchenware, Detergent, Washing Things, Sanitary Items, Stationery

3. Frozen Fish
Sashimi(Tuna, Marlin, Squid, Flounder,Bonito)
Sliced Fish(Flounder, Seer Fish, Trevally, Yellowtail, Grouper, Salmon)
Others(Octopus, Squid, Squid legs, Shrimps,Prawn-Black Tiger, Scallop)

4.Processed Foods(Aburage, Atsuage, Satsumaage, Ground fish
Meat, Whitefish Fry, Korokke, Chikuwa, Kanikama, Smoked

5. Frozen Meat
Tenderloin(Sliced, Fillet, Stake,Minced)
Pork(Sliced, Yakiniku-Karubi, Chop for Tonkatsu, Minced, Parma Ham, Loin Ham,
Prime Ham, Bacon, Sausage)
Chicken(Full, Boneless, Leg, Breast, Minced, Nugget)
Lamb(Rack Cap on&off,Boneless Leg)

6. Other Frozen Foods 
Fried Potato, Ice-Cream (London Dairy)

7. Imported Japanese Frozen Food Items

 Natto, Sushi Toppings(Kohada,Eel,Saury,Octopus,Shrimp), Steamed Fish Past,

Ramen(Noodles) etc.