International Convenience Store for Japanese Food Stuffs & Fish,Meats,etc

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Information and Apology                                             Dated:17-Mar-2017

To meet strict requirements of the regulations of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) on

importing foodstuffs,we are facing hardship to import the same from Japan and are running short of imported 

stocks and for this, we regret causing inconvenience to our customers,  However, we still  have a lots of

hygienic and quality domestic food products of meats,fish and package foods etc to serve you our  best. 

We request you to please share difficulties under the circumstances with us for some time.

Thanking you for your kind patronage,




We are happy to welcome you at Yamato-ya International Convenience Store.

We deal mainly Japanese Food stuffs and selected Fish and Meats including
imported items.Our motto is to provide Safe and Hygienic High Quality foods
in neat and clean atmosphere.
We wish you to maintain your best of health in your valuable Indian life.

Holiday(Delhi & Gurgaon)

1st & 2nd Jan (New Year), 26th Jan (Republic Day), Full Moon Day of March (Holi),

15th Aug (Independent Day), 2nd Oct (Gandhi Jayanti), 25th Dec (X'mas), 31th Dec (Year End)

1. Japanese Food
Miso(Soybean Paste), Shoyu(Soya Sauce), Cooking Oil,
Mayonnaise, Sauce, Baked Laver, Noodles(Soba and Udon), Instant Noodles, Canned
Foods, Dry Foods, Boil-in-the-Bag Foods, Japanese Rice, Snacks, Drinks, Dairy Products

2. Sundries
Plates, Kitchenware, Detergent, Washing Things, Sanitary Items, Stationery

3. Frozen Fish
Sashimi(Tuna, Marlin, Squid, Flounder,Bonito)
Sliced Fish(Flounder, Seer Fish, Trevally, Yellowtail, Grouper, Salmon)
Others(Octopus, Squid, Squid legs, Shrimps,Prawn-Black Tiger, Scallop)

4.Processed Foods(Aburage, Atsuage, Satsumaage, Ground fish
Meat, Whitefish Fry, Korokke, Chikuwa, Kanikama, Smoked

5. Frozen Meat
Tenderloin(Sliced, Fillet, Stake,Minced)
Pork(Sliced, Yakiniku-Karubi, Chop for Tonkatsu, Minced, Parma Ham, Loin Ham,
Prime Ham, Bacon, Sausage)
Chicken(Full, Boneless, Leg, Breast, Minced, Nugget)
Lamb(Rack Cap on&off,Boneless Leg)

6. Other Frozen Foods 
Fried Potato, Ice-Cream (London Dairy)